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Welcome to Iris2 - free UO 2D/3D Client!

Iris 2.0 is a cross-platform open-source (GPLv3) 2d/3d client for playing the MMORPG "Ultima Online" (tm) on Freeshards ....

Screenshots . Iris2 on German TV . Iris2 Trailer 2008 (download)


02.12.2011: If you experience any problems, please use our Iris2 GUI-Updater and update Iris2"!
06.05.2011: Iris2 STABLE (rev 3395) released
25.03.2010: Iris2 STABLE (rev 3304) released
15.11.2009: forum back online, restored backup (no file attachments) and upgraded to phpbb3
28.10.2009: Linux Installation Manual
20.10.2007: Iris2 Engine Techdemo (youtube)


Iris2 has reached a playable state, development is on halt for the foreseeable future.
We use the Ogre3D engine and Lugre, a middleware to use the Lua scripting language.

Developer Blog . Roadmap



build 3395

you also need to install UO:ML Client (choose one):

for WindowsXP/Vista/7 you may also need

How to install:

Installation Manual
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